Artisan Spotlight: Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms


I love the wool shampoo so very much!!


A good wool wash is worth its weight in gold for both spinners and dyers, and Namaste Farms’ Wash and Dye is one of the best ones out there: not only does it clean and condition fibers, it also increases dye uptake – all without the use of parabens or sufates. Today, we have an interview with Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms, which is a family-owned and operated business based in Southern California. Enjoy!

Most of our fans have probably heard of you via your show on Nat Geo, Shear Madness. Can you tell us about how that came to be, and what it was like to film a reality show on your farm?

I know many farmers can relate to this, looking for ways to supplement the farms income. In 2008, hay prices skyrocketed because China was shipping their empty containers back filled with our hay. This made the…

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Bunny Challenge







 Ahhhh…there is always a challenge said I ! Yeap I take the challenge Nigela! Suppose I am the last one who completed this! I carded merino, and angora rabbit fur/fleece, mulberry silk top and sari silk waste, I choose natural colour. As I never accepted this sort of challenge before, it’s got to be different from what I have done in the past . No dyeing said I . After I spun the single, it’s in my head it’s a challenge! Not to prove to anyone, but me ! Okay…I look around what is happening around me, everybody is doing all the overtwist that and that, this way , that way and think to myself..really? I don’t like twisting!! But it’s a challenge you ding dong! Well…think Mellissa, you have gazillions books! It’s is time…..the voice of Rafiki is in my head…! 
Looking at my book,  The spinner’s book of yarn Designs…. Yea pigs tail will do..said I , this is when I decide to take the challenge, that is couple of moons, or is it few moons ago. Time passing, I look all those people dyeing colors, should I , should I not dye this batts! One thing for sure, when I made a decision , that’s it! Then come Elsa Lam Halliday, with her chilli yarn! I am talking about colours! Dye or not to dye! That take another 2 days of my day, Nigela been sending reminders……

So today I said to’s now or never! With my singles, bunny batts and cotton boucle! I present you ‘ CHRISTEN’ . My first ever not so ordinary yarn. Pig’s style version , monkeys tail? Cats tail? 

Who will be my Valentine?


Too many thing to think, too many hours slipped my fingers, dishes to do, laundry is calling my name! Where all the Super heroes gone? Green Lantern? Flash?? She Ra, Wonder Woman at least!…. Sighhhhhhh…

The heat of summer weather in Auckland actually slows me down! Not to mention the age!

Back to the drawing board ! Actually my weeks filled with glee, meeting with interesting people! Professional and not so professional…Day time job!

Working towards my project/ goal/ Dream/ my passion… Process a lot of fleece, Perendale looking sleek and clean, test dyed mohair and Perendale batts! Work in progress with my colouring skills , really to be honest! I am so delicate said Annette Monty😛!

My journey to my own Golden Fleece is steadily marching strong, my baby steps is getting stronger by day…..alleluia !


Meeting with young designer and a call from senior designer alike is just overwhelmed to this poor ole soul!

So who will be my Valentine?



Saturday is in New Zealand…..housework is calling….


Carder, carding carded!


Too many things on my mind today, lights flickering in front of my eyes giving signs to me sit down and have a cup of tea! No can’t do that….took out the drum carder, I need to paint!baking done!




Drum carder and me is dangerous combinations, we understand each other well… Like a painter and their canvas, anything could happened !





My Drum Carder…..